[DWJ] RE: Survey: Mahy

Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Mon Apr 3 09:02:53 EDT 2006

>> At 11:16 PM 30/03/2006, Roslyn wrote:
>> >And the first episode of "Maddigan's Quest" is on
>> TV on Friday on Channel
>> >9, at 4 PM...(Thanks for that, Jon! I checked and
>> it's on!)
> wasn't me

Sorry! Well, thanks to whoever it was who mentioned it!

>> When I saw the TV tie-in book at the shops, I
>> assumed this was a sequel to
>> "Maddigan's Fantasia", rather than just a renaming.
>> Luckily the blurb was
>> fairly similar so it didn't take too long to figure
>> out the change. But I
>> wonder why they changed the name for the TV show? Is
>> fantasia too difficult
>> or similar to Disney's thing, or is quest just more
>> evocative of an
>> adventure story? And I wonder which name they'll use
>> overseas?
> I got sucked in by the name change and have copies
> under both titles in the school library. I've also
> taped the first episode and hope to keep on if others
> are interested in places where it isn't on.

I've also taped the first episode and hope to tape it each week, if anyone 
wants to borrow it.

I haven't read the book yet, so I haven't watched the first epidose, and 
can't comment on what the adaptation is like.

Ros, annoyed because after buying the book at full price, saw it selling for 
a fraction of that yesterday. Hate that. 

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