[DWJ] RE: Survey: Mahy

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 3 07:56:33 EDT 2006

--- Emma Comerford <emmaco at tpg.com.au> wrote:

> At 11:16 PM 30/03/2006, Roslyn wrote:
> >And the first episode of "Maddigan's Quest" is on
> TV on Friday on Channel 
> >9, at 4 PM...(Thanks for that, Jon! I checked and
> it's on!)

wasn't me

> When I saw the TV tie-in book at the shops, I
> assumed this was a sequel to 
> "Maddigan's Fantasia", rather than just a renaming.
> Luckily the blurb was 
> fairly similar so it didn't take too long to figure
> out the change. But I 
> wonder why they changed the name for the TV show? Is
> fantasia too difficult 
> or similar to Disney's thing, or is quest just more
> evocative of an 
> adventure story? And I wonder which name they'll use
> overseas?
I got sucked in by the name change and have copies
under both titles in the school library. I've also
taped the first episode and hope to keep on if others
are interested in places where it isn't on.


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