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Mon Sep 26 22:04:13 EDT 2005

It's listed on amazon UK for 50 pounds. It's not in print yet but can be 
pre-ordered. Here's the synopsis:

British author, Diana Wynne Jones, has been writing speculative fiction 
for children for more than thirty years. A clear influence on more 
recent writers such as J.K. Rowling, her humorous and exciting stories 
of wizard's academies, dragons and griffins - many published for 
children but read by all ages - are also complexly structured and 
thought provoking critiques of the fantasy tradition. This book will be 
of interest to Jones's many admirers and to those who study fantasy and 
children's literature. With the rise in interest in "Harry Potter", 
there has been an accompanying renaissance of critical interest in 
Jones's work. This book, however, is the first sustained, single-author 
study of Jones's work, written by a renowned science fiction critic and 
historian. In addition to providing an overview of her work, Farah 
Mendlesohn also examines Jones's important critiques of the fantastic 
tradition's ideas about childhood and adolescence.


Rene Fleischbein wrote:

> Hi All-
> I have been desperately awaiting this book!  How did you get a copy?  
> I was going to email FM to ask about getting a less-than-final draft 
> (at the suggestion of a professor) so that I can use it in my master's 
> thesis.  Now I am waiting until 1 November and then I will contact her 
> after I have read it.  My thesis won't be done by December, as I had 
> hoped, anyway, so there is time.
> Anticipating publication,
> Rene
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>> I now have a copy of *Diana Wynne Jones: Children's Literature and the
>> Fantastic Tradition* by Farah Mendlesohn, (New York: Routledge; Taylor &
>> Francis Group, 2005).  No idea of the price, I'm afraid, but it's a
>> hardback and an academic work so probably a large part of at least one
>> limb.
>> It's worth having a read of this one once you can lay hands on it, 
>> I'd say.
>> I'm sure Charlie would back me up on that!  There are several things 
>> in it
>> that gave me a whole new set of ideas about DWJ's work.
>> It's also mercifully jargon-free.
>> Minnow
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