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Hi All-

I have been desperately awaiting this book!  How did you get a copy?  I was 
going to email FM to ask about getting a less-than-final draft (at the 
suggestion of a professor) so that I can use it in my master's thesis.  Now 
I am waiting until 1 November and then I will contact her after I have read 
it.  My thesis won't be done by December, as I had hoped, anyway, so there 
is time.

Anticipating publication,

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>I now have a copy of *Diana Wynne Jones: Children's Literature and the
>Fantastic Tradition* by Farah Mendlesohn, (New York: Routledge; Taylor &
>Francis Group, 2005).  No idea of the price, I'm afraid, but it's a
>hardback and an academic work so probably a large part of at least one
>It's worth having a read of this one once you can lay hands on it, I'd say.
>I'm sure Charlie would back me up on that!  There are several things in it
>that gave me a whole new set of ideas about DWJ's work.
>It's also mercifully jargon-free.
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