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Mon Sep 26 21:29:39 EDT 2005

Way back at the start of September Charlie and
Alison gave us some spiffing limericks. This got
me rhyming, and rhyming, and rather obsessively
rhyming! writing limericks drawn from  The Merlin
Conspiracy. I decided not to post them til I'd
finished........ Well, I haven't finished exactly
but I think it's time I posted and stopped trying
to find rhymes for Roddy and Mini and Sybil and
trying to somehow encompass that fabulously
rambling, yet tightly plotted novel in five line
comic rhymes. See, this is what Dwj does to one!

Major spoilers for the Merlin Conspiracy

When Joel put a curse spell on Nick,
He met Arnold and Pierre and Chick,
They warded the cricket,
Put salt round the wicket,
Ate breakfa, til, sprung he ran quick.

An aging old wizard dubbed Merlin,
Was murdered as flags were unfurlin'
then the country got hot, 
And it all went to pot,
His successor was prisoned and hurlin'

Two witches who used paraphrenalia,
Thought Virtue was in their Regalia
But the spirits inside,
They took for a ride,
Said give us respect or we'll fail ya!

There once were twin sisters called Izzy,
Who could whip any man to a tizzy,
Any man, young or old,
At nine they were bold,
Girl Power, hot and cold and all fizzy.

A writer of horror called Ted, 
Thought it was all inside his head,
When he lost his son Nick,
He changed his mind quick,
And trusted a wizard instead.

There was a young Magid called Nick,
Made Romanov frightfully sick,
The Isle shrank away,
Max Hyde saved the day,
What a dastardly Prayermaster's Trick!

A sad little boy called Grundo,
Made a binding he feared to undo,
He made Roddy his minder,
Then dared not unbind her,
In his place, well, what would one do? 

Arianrod was making her stand, 
Blessed's fate was held in her hand,
A witch full of pain,
Gave her magic again,
And Roddy was Raising the Land

A spiteful young girl called Alicia,
Had a name sounded just like "Atishya!"
She was cruel to her brother,
A tool of her mother --
Til a gnome dragged her into a fissure!



Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005 

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