[DWJ] A short review of HCM movie...

Juliette Curtis juliette at harvestroad.com
Thu Sep 22 02:39:51 EDT 2005

.... appeared in "The West Australian" this morning.


It gave the movie 3-1/2 stars. The review said:

"A young milliner named Sophie is spirited away into a world of magic, 
spells and curses by a young stranger named Howl. But their brief 
friendship causes the Witch of the Waste to turn Sophie into a 
90-year-old woman. She must then embark on a magical quest to lift the 
curse. Lauren Bacall, Billy Crystal and Christian Bale lend their voices 
to the English version of this file (an original, subtitled film is 
being released at Luna Leederville). The film channels the child-like 
magic of traditional Japanese animation but spins the tale out just a 
little too long. Rated PG."


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