[DWJ] Homeward Bounders' city and a request

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 19 19:51:15 EDT 2005

--- Miss Aimee Smith <s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au>

> On the subject of the location of Jamie's city in
> The Homeward Bounders
> Heh! And here's me thinking it was set in Sydney. I
> have no idea why. I 
> can only think that it reminded me a lot of 'Playing
> Beatie Bow'. I've 
> only actually been to Sydney when I was too little
> to remember anything.
> Anyone else see a similarity between the cities?
> Myself, it's been too 
> long since I read either of them to justify the
> comparison...
> Something about a bridge and lower class areas and
> brick. Perhaps I 
> thought it was set round the time Syd Harbour Bridge
> was being built?
> Strange...
> Aimee.
No, not Sydney, no way. (will now to re-read HB to
work out exactly why its not Sydney. 

On a completely different tangent (well it relates to
cities but that is the only conection). My youngest
daughter is now working (as a barmaid) in Cambridge
(England). Can anyone make any recomendations (with
locations) for bookshops there that I can pass on to


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