Pedantry was Re: Hi: Colin

Otter Perry ottertee at
Sat Sep 17 09:35:10 EDT 2005

On Sep 16, 2005, at 8:59 PM, sally at wrote:

> Colin Fine writes:
>> I'm not a pedant, I'm an antipedant!
> OK, OK... settle, settle...

I've been accused of being a pedant for a long time.  Here's my
definition --

A pedant is someone who makes a distinction you do not
think important.

Obviously, one is never oneself a pedant, because all the
distinctions one makes oneself are important.


The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war
appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous
of human illusions.

                                   ---Robert Lynd, writer (1879-1949)

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