[DWJ] Open to suggestions

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 31 15:48:09 EST 2005

J.E. Powers wrote:

> and yes I am going to do Charlie and the Chocolate 
>Factory as my book plus film option.
>Speaking of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who has seen the film with Johnny Depp?  What did you think of it?
Having just read the book again before I went, I was really pleased at 
the way the book captured the slighty oddball, slightly nasty tone of 
Dahl. I thought the added thing about the dentist father was okay, I 
mean, it was the kind of thing Dahl could easily have written. I loved 
the art direction, and the oompa loompa.

>I found it amusing but would not take my own children to see it.
Really? Why not? My 5 year old who is quite sensitive about "scary" 
movies (Spongebob was too scary, and so was Cinderella) adored it. We 
went 3 times.


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