[DWJ] DWJ on University Challenge ... and what are people reading?

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 23 13:13:26 EDT 2005

>>>I'm reading Elizabeth Kostova's "The Historian" for my book group--slowly,
>>>alas, I am not finding much time for recreational reading at the moment.
>>Do you like it so far?  I thought it sounded very interesting, but
>>was planning to wait to collect a few more opinions before splurging.
I have it - splurged because our local book chain store has this 
insanely tempting deal on new hardbacks (40% off with a reward card). 
I'm finding it really really hard to get into. I think I've managed 2 
chapters. In between, I read Anansi boys - loved it, but then found out 
about Lenny Henry reading it as a talking book, and wished I'd got that 
instead; Shaman's Crossing by Robin Hobb - really liked it, although I 
have little patience with the annoying character of the narrator, the 
story was still excellent, so it was an odd read; Thud - found it a 
little disappointing because it was a little too myffic, and the actual 
narrative got a bit submerged. Also, fewer jokes than usual, or 
something. I adored Going Postal, so it's not that I'm off Pratchett, or 


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