[DWJ] DWJ on University Challenge ... and what are people reading?

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Sat Oct 22 08:54:42 EDT 2005

On Sat, 22 Oct 2005, Paul Andinach wrote:

|On Fri, 21 Oct 2005 sally at sallyodgers.com wrote:
|> I think I've got all the Madeleine Brents...
|Including the one where the heroine successfully navigates the deserts
|of Africa using skills learned in the Australian outback?

I love that one; she rescues the white man at the beginning and
feeds him grubs, and won't wear a shirt!

At some level, I wish the heroine didn't always end up hooking up
with another white guy.  But the one I read as romance addicted
teen (Stormswift) was very freeing to me  -- she'd had sex before
she met the hero, and that was *okay*.  Though not willingly, I

|(ObDWJ: Which is also the one where the heroine is sent to a Swiss
|finishing school, from which she subsequently escapes after failing to
|fit in.)

Now I'm trying to imagine Millie eating grubs.

"I'm a very gentle man, not unlike Gandhi. ... I could kill them
at any moment. But that's really just if they annoy me."
		 -- Joss Whedon

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