[DWJ] Curse words again

Hendon, Alison A.Hendon at BrooklynPublicLibrary.org
Thu Oct 20 14:23:50 EDT 2005

minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:

>Colin wrote:
>>I've just been rereading Dogsbody (I haven't read it for a very long
>>time) and she did the same sort of thing with the occasional oaths in
>>that as we were talking about re Wilkins Tooth. Not so inventively -
>>'festering' is one that occurs a few times.
>I've got a feeling that was used for a while in Real Life (OMT).  I seem to
>remember it as having been around among some Yoof, possibly as something to
>do with the Addams Family.  I know the films came out in the early 1990s,
>but wasn't the series on British television in the early 1970s or
>something, and a bit of a cult?

There was a character in the Addams Family called Uncle Fester.  I don't
remember "festering" being used though.  


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