[DWJ] DWJ on University Challenge ...and what are people reading?

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I've just read "Eragon" and barely made it all the way through, I was
basically bored.
"How I Live Now" by Meg Rossof was... very good, I suppose, even excellent,
but looking back I find myself feeling manipulated unfairly. Can't explain
it. I started out reading "I Capture the Castle" and somewhere in the middle
it turned into "1984".
"Airborn" by Kenneth Oppel was a rolicking good adventure story - airships
and orphans and pirates, oh my! - but I agree with critics who wrote the
book is overly cinematic. It's like reading a print version of a movie.
Still, not sure that's all bad.
I read "The Anubis Gate" in preparation for Tim Powers' visit to Israel, and
enjoyed it tremendously. Best time travel book I've ever read, hands down.
And I haven't yet decided if I am now reading his book "The Drawing of the
Dark" in Hebrew, or "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke - I've read a few first
pages of each, waiting to see which of them grips me.
And I saw "Serenity" last Friday, managed to swing an invitation to a
preview screening (film is not yet showing comercially in Israel). I was not
dissapointed, I don't know what someone would make of it who hadn't seen
"Firefly" but my husband and I both thought it a fitting addition to the
series and a fair tying up of many  of the open plotlines, with plenty of
room to continue.

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Hallie proposed:
<So, hoping to hear what people have read
recently and loved (or not)>

I've just finished Ian MacDonald's River of Gods.
Good solid piece of SF, less familiar setting --
India in 2047 (100 years after partition), pretty
familiar ground, AIs and their troubled
relationship with human beings. I found this an
absorbing read but ultimately I'm less than
satisfied with the resolution.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel I read a few
months ago. I think I may have posted before that
I really liked this. It is, nonethless, rather
slow at first but, I found, well worth
persevering with. Sorry to hear you fell off
Hallie! There is a big pay off to all that build
up, honest!

I'm pretty envious of you Hallie over Gate of
Gods, I'm still waiting for the Ships of the Air
in pb.

I finally read HP and the Half Blood Prince a
couple of weeks ago and thought it the best so
far. I definitely think she has snuck something
under my plot radar this time. I had some ideas
but they all turned out half baked. Unfortunately
I had heard the major spoiler but luckily one of
my half baked ideas mean I discounted the
literalness of it so it didn't spoil the book at
all. Without being on holiday in a very remote
place when book 7 comes out I feel it will be
impossible not to hear spoilers for that long
before it comes out let alone by the time I get
to read it.

I tried to read _Everything is Illuminated_ on
the advice of a friend but found the language
it's written in intolerably irritating I'm

What I'm going to be reading quite soon I hope:
George R R Martin Feast of Crows. I'm going to
see him give a reading at Waterstones in
Manchester tomorrow -- and very excited I am
about it too! With any luck the friend I'm going
with will buy a copy that I can borrow. Meanwhile
I think I shall reread the penultimate book.


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