[DWJ] All My Christmasses...

Aimee Smith s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au
Tue Oct 18 20:37:13 EDT 2005

I have the most wonderful to-read pile at the moment, and perfect 
timing too, as I've just (last week) finished my B.Arts/Education 

I've just finished reading Anansi Boys (as always, fiendishly observant 
and well written), am about to read The Eyre Affair. Recently I've read 
McKinley: Beauty (difficult to empathise, great content), Sunshine (my 
first vampire novel, well written, enjoyed but with reservations), and 
Rose Daughter (better written than Beauty, though I like Beauty's 
content better...). I have Spindle's End awaiting the end of Jasper 
Fforde, and 1632 or whatever-it-is after that. I have also read 'Where 
Is My Cow," by Pratchett and wanted children immediately so I could 
read it to them.
After so long holding off reading, I'm making up for time!

To read (possibly in the bookshop):
Isobelle Carmody's new 'Alizon Whitestarr' which looks great but has to 
wait till I can afford it.
Ptolemy's Gate (same deal).
Thud! by Terry Pratchett
And yes, due to old and persistent loyalty: the *penultimate* WOT, 
Knife of Dreams, by Robert Lazy Jordan. One more to go, people.

I have also recently seen a production of Pratchett's Interesting 
Times, performed by the Brisbane Arts Theatre, with some really spot-on 
characterisation for the Silver Horde (Cohen is fabulous) and 
Rincewind. If you're here, go see it if you can. I've seen Howl's 
Moving Castle again, and then I saw Pride and Prejudice, which was the 
most stunningly gorgeous thing I've seen in a long while, my aversion 
to Keira Knightly and loyalty solely to the BBC production completely 
blown away.
Anybody in Australia, or more specifically Brisbane, know how I can get 
my eyes on the American version though? Apparently there's something 
different to the UK/Aust version and I really want to see it.

Going off now to do some more art, or applying for jobs, or something.
Anyone else here doing Nanowrimo?
This is the *life*.

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