[DWJ] Re: DWJ on University Challenge ... and what are people reading?

Ulrika Isacsson miri at home.se
Tue Oct 18 09:59:59 EDT 2005

Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

> Has there been list bouncing about Miranda?  If not, then 
> congratulations and many happy years' reading with her, and all good 
> things like that!

Thanks, I am looking forward to all the reading I must say.

> Falcon - do love it.  Though if Miranda's arrival was fairly recent, 
> and you're anything at all as I was at that point (liable to end up in 
> tears over *everything* with the least bit of emotional impact), it 
> might not be the easiest book to read.  Or at least it struck me with 
> a fairly significant emotional wallop.
I haven't really mentioned her before, well except for in the last batch 
of introductions when she was on the way. She's not that recent, 7 
months to the day come to think of it. I'll start on Falcon and see how 
it goes. I was very emotional the first few months after the birth, but 
I like to think I'm getting back to my fairly normal self.


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