[DWJ] DWJ on University Challenge ... and what are people reading?

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Oct 18 08:49:07 EDT 2005


>But in the last few days, as a break, I've reread the Sabriel
>trilogy.  They're really *good*, aren't they?  Though Abhorsen,
>sadly, is the weakest of the three.

I can't even begin to figure out how you'd make a case for Abhorsen 
being the weakest!  Lirael, hands-down, no question, beyond doubt. 
IM-always so-HO, of course. ;)

>It amused the heck out of me when I found myself comparing Garth
>Nix at the end of Abhorsen to Joss Whedon at the end of Serenity,
>but I can't say why without a Serenity spoiler, which I shall put
>way below.  It's not really an Abhorsen spoiler unless you're
>spoiler crazy.

Can't read that yet - though Serenity is in Dublin, unlike Howl.  I 
just haven't got there.

>I liked Anansi Boys quite a bit, and will be starting Jonathan
>Strange when the boy finishes it.

Is he liking it?  I read about a hundred and fifty pages and was 
quite enjoying it, in a very passionless way, when I'd to put it 
aside, and never had sufficient drive to pick it up again.   Becca 
has Anansi Boys on her TBR pile - bought by me in ritual 
celebration/atonement for the end of another year's study.  And has 
tickets for when Neil Gaiman is here next month, appearing on RTE 
radio, so she's very happy.  I'll only read Anansi Boys if she 
declares it not more than I can handle.

>It was ... okay.  If I were a teenager again, or had never
>encountered urban fantasy, it would have completely wowed me.
>But while it got the elements of urban fantasy down pat, the
>story itself was rather weak.  I didn't see Val as growing so
>much as fulfilling the requirements of her role, you know?  I'd
>rather read Emma Bull.

Heartily agreeing on the last one!  Just read today that film rights 
have been acquired - by MTV Films, which sounds about right.  But did 
they ever make the film of War for the Oaks?  Of course not! 
Possibly just as well, as they'd doubtless have Cloroxed the Phouka 
as they did Ged, and I don't know what other horrors, but still...


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