[DWJ] Re: DWJ on University Challenge ... and what are people reading?

Ulrika Isacsson miri at home.se
Tue Oct 18 03:49:23 EDT 2005

> Up soon are _Ptolemy's Gate_, after a very nice interview in The 
> Guardian with Jonathan Stroud, which convinced me I wanted to read 
> this - though I thought they gave away far too much of what happens in 
> it.  Anybody read it yet? 

Not yet, but it's on my wanted list. I'm just not sure if I should get 
anything on that list until I've read at least one or two from my to 
read pile.  On the top there I see: Falcon - Emma Bull, The Riddle of 
the Wren - Charles de Lint and then Jonathan Strange ... so it might 
take a while because since Baby (aka Miranda) came I really don't have 
the same amount of time to read in anymore.


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