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Fri Oct 7 18:45:30 EDT 2005

Quoting Otter Perry <ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com>:
> On Oct 7, 2005, at 3:56 PM, Katarina Hjärpe wrote:
> > I suspect my Deep Secret is a mutilated one - it definitely has turds 
> > rather than testicles. (The cover looks like this: 
> > http://pictures.abebooks.com/HENRIMAURO/439735924.jpg - though the pic 
> > is not of my particular book.)
> Can anybody give some page numbers or something?  I'd like to know what
> I have [definitely _not_ the one in the picture in this link], but I'm 
> not really
> ready to reread the whole thing at this instant.
> > 

In my DS edition (hardcover, published in the US by TOR, ISBN 0312868596, with
cover art by Julie Bell of Rob, Nick and a (straight-haired!) Maree heading
down the Babylon road in the hotel room watched by an oddly Elvis-biker-ish
Rupert), the reference to testicles is near the top of page 258:
""She's trying to tell you," I said, "that someone has sewn six rabbit's
testicles to your right breast."
Janine's head jerked upright. She stared at me for a second, obviously wondering
if I had said what she thought she heard. Then she settled for looking puzzled
and distant, turned and stalked gracefully away."

It seems to me that Janine has stolen the Goddess's vague look from LoCC.


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