[DWJ] Hexwood Farm

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Oct 7 13:11:11 EDT 2005

>Paul Andinach writes:
>> On a distantly-related note, I discovered yesterday that the old TV
>> series 'Catweazle' was also set at Hexwood Farm.
>> How likely is this to be just coincidence?

Sallyo replied:

>Unlikely, I'd say! Either she did it a'purpose, which is kind of
>sneaky-cool, or else she did it because it was lingering in her memory,
>under wraps.

DWJ says:

"As far as I know it's pure coincidence.  I never watched the television
series, and though I think one of my sons had one or perhaps two Catweazle
books, I read the first couple of paragraphs of one once and decided I
couldn't be doing with the style of writing, and if he wanted to read them
it was up to him to do so but I wanted no part of it.  I don't think I ever
knew what the name of the farm was in that book, though if it's in the
first paragraph I suppose it might have lodged in my brain somewhere."

She adds, "It's strange, that sort of thing, but I really do think that I
came up with the name Hexwood without reference to Catweazle. It's the
right name for what I wanted."

If anyone has the book or books maybe they could check whether the name is
prominent on the cover or in the first page or so, and judge the
probability or otherwise of her having had it in unconscious storage?  I
don't have any Catweazle around to look at.

On a Minnowish reminiscent note, I never saw the Catweazle TV series but I
do know just what it looked like, because my aunt Olga did the sets and
some of the costume work.  This happened to me quite often: she did things
like that to get enough money to live on whilst she did what she really
enjoyed, which was painting portraits -- she did Radio Times covers for
years to keep the rent paid, too, and I have a feeling she designed a
Cornflakes packet on one occasion.  There were lots of TV series for which
she painted "family portraits" to go on the walls of sets, to look like the
actors in the series but in Elizabethan costume or whatever, and I saw the
portraits in her studio but never knew what the series were about or even
what they were.  (Not having a television makes it quite easy to miss
things on TV.)  She designed the sets and I think some of the costumes for
*A Clockwork Orange* too, and as a result I knew all about what it was
going to look like, and I read the book because she gave it to me, but I
never did get round to seeing the film because I was too young to be
allowed in when it first came out and then didn't particularly want to when
I was older.


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