[DWJ] deep secret editions

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Oct 7 02:15:11 EDT 2005


>I just ran into a comment that the US YA edition of Deep Secret is 
>expurgated.  This is the edition that I have, and I was wondering if 
>the expurgations are serious enough that I should try to buy a 
>different edition as well.  What do you think?

Doing this from memory rather than checking, but I think they're 
seriously annoying rather than serious.  All language rather than 
scenes.  Rupert's called a 'little shit' in the original, which is 
changed to 'a brat' in the expurgated version, and when Rupert says 
one of Janine's jumpers looks as if someone had stapled rabbit 
testicles to her breast it's changed to 'rabbit turds' - though 
presumably not stapled?  If anyone who's been here sufficiently long 
has kept all their old posts searches for 'testicles' it should pull 
up Christian's list of the edits.  Of what he quite rightly called 
'the crap edition', IIRC.

But the book is back in print over here, and *well* worth having the 
real thing, IMO.


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