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Thu Oct 6 16:42:27 EDT 2005

In a message dated 10/6/2005 9:03:57 AM Pacific Standard Time, Elizabeth 
Bentley writes:

> On another list there was a discussion about this word, where it became
> obvious that many Americans simply did not know it. And its use in Orson
> Scott Card's book 'Ender's game' to describe the alien species - the buggers
> - almost made me think twice about stocking the book in my library!

I grew up knowing "bugger" as a noun, and the sort of word one used of a 
small child -- as in, "Poor little bugger, he's all tired out." My mother used 
"bug" and "honeybug" as endearments, so "bugger" didn't seem odd.

Helen Schinske

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