[DWJ] Hexwood - Fitela, the Bannus

Kyra Jucovy klj at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Thu Oct 6 12:00:34 EDT 2005

So I've been rereading _Hexwood_.  I really do love it.  Anyway, I
couldn't help but notice thanks to the list search that, earlier this
year, Ven asked a question about Fitela - why does he call Martellian
"Uncle Wolf" when his own name is Fitela Wolfson?  Well, at least one
possible answer is in the following wikipedia entry -


Apparently, Sinfjotli, who was the Norse Fitela, was actually the product
of incest, which kind of fits with the necessary imbreeding one would
imagine the Reigners in exile would have had to use ;-).

I also looked at the old discussion from 2001-2. . . apparently other
people were starting to find the Bannus sinister on rereadings.  Is it bad
that I'm actually starting to find it kind of hot?  I mean, I really love
its sense of humor!  And, as potentially cruel as it could be, I really do
think it was fairly kind to Mordion, about as kind as it could have been
in the situation.  The offer of a place in its sky is sweet!  I can't
believe that I'm started to get attracted to a half-living machine. . .
although I suppose as long as I'm attracted to fictional characters in the
first place, it doesn't really matter that they aren't even technically
alive ;-).


Yam: "Nothing can make either a person or a machine do things which it is
not in their natures to do."
				---Diana Wynne Jones, _Hexwood_

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