[DWJ] Howl's Moving Castle (film)

Kyra Jucovy klj at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Tue Oct 4 07:53:03 EDT 2005

On Tue, 4 Oct 2005, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:

> I've described people as "goits" (Red Dwarf), and mutter "ferOm'ssake"
> from time to time (Pratchett). If you get the tone of voice right,
> people know what you mean :-)

I almost never use the most standard normal curse words, although I
certainly say, "damn" frequently enough.  But for a while during my late
adolescence, thanks to _Red Dwarf_, I used "smeg" on a fairly regular
basis.  This really confused people who were aware of my innocent
reputation and the meaning of the term "smegma" but not of _Red Dwarf_.

There is a rather obvious connection here to DWJ, in that her curses are
lovely, as re-reading her books has shown me.  I know I've said in the
past that I want to curse like Janet Chant, but, somehow, it's never
worked out.  I also don't understand why the curses were changed
from __Wilkin's Tooth_ to _Witch's Business_.  I'm an American, but I
understand what they meant perfectly well!  I like the way that all of the
Lymen say "Ban" to curse - it's an effectively quiet cultural detail that
I suspect I didn't even pick up on as a child.  And _Witch Week_, of
course, is fabulous in a different way.  I can still remember being eight
and picking up on the curse words - wow, magic is forbidden, and so they
use it as a curse!


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