[DWJ] Howl's Moving Castle (film)

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Oct 4 05:32:36 EDT 2005

Kale wrote:
> I've always liked Farscape's "frell," though I'm more likely 
> to use Lobo's "fragging bastiches."

I've described people as "goits" (Red Dwarf), and mutter "ferOm'ssake"
from time to time (Pratchett). If you get the tone of voice right,
people know what you mean :-)

> ObDWJ If I can accept that the movie and the book are only 
> tangentially  connected, I can enjoy them both equally.  I lie.  
> I prefer the book.  But the movie has its cool points.  I have
> this strange liking for the little asthmatic dog, Heen. 

Yes, he was fun- though I kept being sure he was going to do more than
he did. I liked the film (visually amazing, of course). I did keep going
"no, that's wrong!!", but in a good way, I think; Miyazaki was changing
things and taking the film in his own direction rather than doing an
uninspired one-to-one map like Chamber of Secrets. [Slight spoiler in
footnote]  "Based on the book by DWJ" is a bit misleading, in a way;
"inspired by the book" would give more of a feel for what it's like. 
I think at the end he'd gone off so much in his own direction that he
then had to be a bit sudden with the ending to try and tie up the war
plot thread from the more DWJ-esque beginning. It might have been more
interesting to just leave it dangling and have a totally new ending!
I thought the dubbing was good, even Calcifer who I think some people
have found a bit obtrusive, but I really want to see it subtitled.

I love the book even more now, in a way; seeing someone else's take on
the story makes me really appreciate DWJ's!


I really don't get Madam Suliman. Was she really stirring up the whole
war, and if so, why?? Why make her an evil sorceress when you already
have the Witch of the Waste? I haven't seen all Miyazaki's films, but
there is that evil witch twin/good witch twin thing in Spirited away, is
it just a dynamic he likes? 

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