[DWJ] Howl's Moving Castle (film)

Kale lskale at ixaxis.net
Tue Oct 4 04:26:39 EDT 2005

At 11:11 AM 10/3/2005 -0400, Deborah wrote:
>On Mon, 3 Oct 2005, Katarina Hjärpe wrote:
>|Flonq (q, not g) is a curse word used by the character Cable in Marvel 
>comics -
>|he's from the future, where evidently coarse language has changed a bit. It
>|means pretty much what you'd suspect it means based on the F--K sound of the
>My high school boyfriend used to curse "shells and shards".
>Gorram fannish cursewords. :)
>(On that note, can I think of an ObDWJ for Serenity?  ...um.  No.
>Except inasmuch it's a similar obsession of mine that didn't
>translate as well as I'd hoped to the big screen.  Alas.)

I've always liked Farscape's "frell," though I'm more likely to use Lobo's
"fragging bastiches."

ObDWJ If I can accept that the movie and the book are only tangentially 
connected, I can enjoy them both equally.  I lie.  I prefer the book.  But 
the movie has its cool points.  I have this strange liking for the little 
asthmatic dog, Heen.  And Howl's room was beautiful.  He's such a magpie, 
isn't he?  He likes flashy pretty things.

(who recently did some DWJ-pushing at PaperBackSwap.com, in response to a 
reader who said she didn't like Howl's Moving Castle ;_;)

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