[DWJ] Re: Howl's Moving Castle (film)

Ulrika Isacsson miri at home.se
Mon Oct 3 03:03:38 EDT 2005

Jenny Holmstrom wrote:

>I guess they came up with the name of the film at first, and then the new book title followed. But that's just my guess. I hope there'll be an upswing for DWJ books in Sweden (and everywhere else) with this film. Maybe even some translations of DWJ books into Swedish.
There was that upswing last year when they translated three of the 
Chrestomanci books. And also released them as paperbacks, which I think 
helps kids buy them for themselves and not only getting them as present 
from enlightened adults. So now I have swedish editions of LoCC and CL 
only to be able to lure unsuspecting youths who don't like to read in 
English to read them. I don't think that WW made it to paperback, but if 
I see it I'll buy that one as well.


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