[DWJ] DWJ's awards

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Nov 23 08:03:02 EST 2005

Charlie wrote:

>Does anyone happen to know if there's a list of the major awards DWJ has won
>over the years? (I'm trying to write an Encyclopedia article on her.) The
>only big children's ones I'm aware of are the Guardian Award of 1977 for
>*Charmed Life* and the recent Phoenix Award - but I know she's won lots of
>stuff on the SF/fantasy side of things.
>If there is no such list ready-made, I'd be very grateful to anyone who
>could give me relevant facts and figures... <winsome smile>

Ask her agent?  She probably has such a list somewhere.  I doubt that DWJ
does, or if she does it will probably be Somewhere In Her Study, and since
the advent of a new telephone line meant a large telephone engineer moving
everything except one bookcase, that might not be as much use as it would
have been this time last year as a location-point.


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