[DWJ] Living Famously

Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Ding at us.kline.com
Mon Nov 21 03:01:00 EST 2005

> response.The sad truth is that I get starstruck around authors who've
> written actual books that I've actually enjoyed reading; so 
> starstruck, that
> I end up putting on this act like I'm totally blase and oh, I 
> couldn't care
> less, this is all rather boring, yawn. Which is sad, actually, because
> inside it's all gushing-goshing authormania, and I think some 
> of the authors
> might actually enjoy that kind of response for a change. 

I was most impressed with your confidence at the pub-meet where I
noticed you actually talking to DWJ.  Unlike me, I mostly sat there in
awed silence!


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