[DWJ] New edition of Neverwhere

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Nov 19 12:34:38 EST 2005

Dorian wrote;

>Minnow said...
>> and Dorian remarked
>>>Ooh, envy!
>> and then went on with what one newsgroup I once frequented called "knicker
>> flashing" of a high order:
>Knicker flashing, is it?  You're a fine one to talk, with your oh-so-casual
>mentions of "the last time I was driving Neil", etc.  At least my
>knicker-flashing is unashamed, rather than some coy flip of the skirt!

I don't think it counts as even a brief glimpse of ankle if the person
being mentioned was asleep the entire time.  I might as well have been
ferrying a crate of haddock with slightly untidy hair...  Actually, I feel
a bit like a black-cab-driver: I've had that Terry Pratchett sleep in the
back of the car too, in his case all the way from London to Bristol.  It's
a comfort to know they each had such confidence in my driving, but it's not
conducive to sparkling conversation and memorable anecdote when all one of
the people present says is "grunt" occasionally.  (And then Neil has the
cheek to be rude about driving that he didn't even stay conscious to
notice, merely because I got him to an appointment he thought he was going
to miss and so he assumes I must have been driving like Jehu!  Ptchah! say


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