[DWJ] New edition of Neverwhere

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Nov 17 19:32:14 EST 2005

>Judith said...
>> OK, if we're comparing chest hair--I've had a beer with Neil, and I've had
>> a meal with DWJ. Just sayin'...!

and Dorian remarked

>Ooh, envy!

and then went on with what one newsgroup I once frequented called "knicker
flashing" of a high order:

>On the other hand, I've got drunk with Diane Duane and Peter Morwood (and
>got Diane's recipe for "Death by Chocolate" ice-cream),

I put it to you that with Peter among those present, drunk is likely to be
what one gets (unless, like me, one is driving people home afterwards).
:-)  Did he start playing the didgeridoo only with no actual didgeridoo in
his hand?  Profoundly disconcerting for the bar staff, that party trick of

>talked cats with
>Katherine Kurtz, been leched at by Robert Rankin (eww), had Orson Scott Card
>send me one of his books "just because", and spent a fair amount of time
>hanging out with Rob Holdstock, Kim Newman, and Storm Constantine.

All together, or one at a time?  Those three make an interesting grouping.
Add in Colin Greenland, and the rarification of conversation could get so
great one would hardly be able to breathe for the thinning of the
atmosphere at such heights.

Storm Constantine was incredibly kind to me at my very first Novacon, when
I was a poor little creature who knew nobody at the entire convention, or
that was how I felt.  I'd met her for an afternoon about six months before,
and she saw me sitting alone in the bar and probably looking rather lost,
so she simply swept me up into her Guest Of Honour bubble and introduced me
to everyone she encountered for an hour or so, with the result that all of
fandom assumed I was Terribly Important and talked with me thereafter.  It
is my considered opinion that she's a darling -- I'm not the only one she's
done that sort of thing for, I've watched on other occasions when she
looked after a lame duck until it felt more secure on its feet.  (That's in
no way to suggest she was doing that for you; hanging out with is different
from being taken under the wing of.  I just like Storm and wanted to share
the reason I do.  She's great-hearted.)

>*And* Kim Newman put me in a book!  I have a cameo role in "Dracula
>Cha-Cha-Cha".  So there.

Way to go, Dorian!

My test for whether I know an author well or not would be, not whether I
would feel able to go up and say hello to them, but whether they would come
up and say "hello" to me by name if they saw me on a main-line railway
station waiting for a train.  As it were.


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