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Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Thu Nov 17 14:22:41 EST 2005

Minnow said...

> Dorian wrote:
>>I have the 1993 New Shorter OED.  It knows "rund" but not "roon".  Whether
>>it's the same "rund" it knows as the one you meant, I have no idea.
> This is seriously strange.  I have just been able to check a 1999 S.O.D.,
> and that knows "roon" but not "rund"!

Ark, sorry.  I got confoozled between dictionary and computer; my OED, like 
the one you checked, knows "roon".  Not "rund".

> If the rund you met is the roon I found, then it has the meaning given in
> Chambers.  I prefer the ideas members of the list have had, though.

Me too.

> Thanks for the reassurance about Neil not being too shattered by the time
> he got to Dublin.

ISTR you don't have web access, so I quote the relevant bits of the blog 

"So I did the Rattlebag radio show, and it was really a delight to do.

"I love Dublin, love my usual Dublin Hotel (it's the Clarence - 
http://www.theclarence.ie/ - and is one of the nicest hotels anywhere in the 
world, comfortable and understated and excellent. I'd probably even stay 
here if I was paying for myself, and am sorry I'm only here for one night), 
and after the Rattlebag show I did a signing for everyone who'd managed to 
get tickets (they only had 200 seats, and they were almost all gone before 
they announced the event). After the interview I did a Q&A with the audience 
for a while that won't be broadcast, but will probably go up on the 
Rattlebag website....

"The signing was fun, if a bit rapid as we had to get 200 people out of the 
studio as soon as possible -- everyone seemed to have enjoyed the evening 
with its various readings and conversations, and they were happy I was 
there, and I was happy to be there.

"Fun all round."

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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