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Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Wed Nov 16 15:02:13 EST 2005

Minnow said...
> Neither is in the 1933 nor 1972 S.O.D.; please tell me (but don't go 
> saying
> what they mean!) whether the OED acknowledges them?

I have the 1993 New Shorter OED.  It knows "rund" but not "roon".  Whether 
it's the same "rund" it knows as the one you meant, I have no idea.
>>Dorian (who met Neil Gaiman earlier this evening).
> I hope he got a decent night's sleep before flying over to Dublin; as 
> usual
> they aren't allowing him any time to speak of in which to fall over or 
> rest
> his cramped hand (he got supper at about 4pm and no lunch, yesterday, and
> was going to arrive in London at about midnight).

He looked in fairly good shape - a bit tired, I'd say, but not shattered.

> Two signings in one day
> is Cruelty To Authors, in my opinion.  I sometimes want to make the people
> who arrange these things sign their names a thousand times in a row, just
> so they will know what it feels like.  The publicity folk boast about the
> numbers at each reading, the shops boast about the fact that everyone 
> there
> stayed to buy a book or two and have it signed, and neither seems to 
> notice
> who is doing the actual signing.

Well, this was the recording of an interview for radio, so there was a limit 
on how many people could be there (about 200, I think), and we were only 
allowed to have two books signed each.  Which is still a lot, admittedly, 
but not as bad as the thousands one sometimes hears of.  Judging by his blog 
entry today, he seems to have quite enjoyed it.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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