Fw: [DWJ] New edition of Neverwhere

Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Tue Nov 15 21:58:06 EST 2005

>>Dorian (who met Neil Gaiman earlier this evening).

Ooh, I met him in July this year when he was here.

> I hope he got a decent night's sleep before flying over to Dublin; as 
> usual
> they aren't allowing him any time to speak of in which to fall over or 
> rest
> his cramped hand (he got supper at about 4pm and no lunch, yesterday, and
> was going to arrive in London at about midnight).  Two signings in one day
> is Cruelty To Authors, in my opinion.  I sometimes want to make the people
> who arrange these things sign their names a thousand times in a row, just
> so they will know what it feels like.  The publicity folk boast about the
> numbers at each reading, the shops boast about the fact that everyone 
> there
> stayed to buy a book or two and have it signed, and neither seems to 
> notice
> who is doing the actual signing.  Then they give said author a glass of
> wine.  (Gosh.)  Then they ask him to sign all the unsold copies of the 
> book
> that they have left in stock.
> Neil, bless him, gives a bit of himself to each person he signs a book 
> for,
> and starts to look like a book-wraith (well, not a ring-wraith!) towards
> the end of every tour.  Sort of faded and slightly see-through.

I felt that he was doing this also--being attentive and kind to each person. 
He had an enormously long line that they had to stop and continue the next 
day. I felt sorry for him and admired his stamina and niceness.


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