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Tue Nov 15 19:15:18 EST 2005

Dorian wrote of "rund" and "roon":

>Okay, I'll play.
>They're both archaic past tense forms of the verb "to rue"; "rund" being
>Scottish and "roon" being Irish.  Both are specifically and almost
>exclusively used in the phrase "to rue the day".
>(Shall go and look up the OED in a minute...)

Neither is in the 1933 nor 1972 S.O.D.; please tell me (but don't go saying
what they mean!) whether the OED acknowledges them?

>Dorian (who met Neil Gaiman earlier this evening).

I hope he got a decent night's sleep before flying over to Dublin; as usual
they aren't allowing him any time to speak of in which to fall over or rest
his cramped hand (he got supper at about 4pm and no lunch, yesterday, and
was going to arrive in London at about midnight).  Two signings in one day
is Cruelty To Authors, in my opinion.  I sometimes want to make the people
who arrange these things sign their names a thousand times in a row, just
so they will know what it feels like.  The publicity folk boast about the
numbers at each reading, the shops boast about the fact that everyone there
stayed to buy a book or two and have it signed, and neither seems to notice
who is doing the actual signing.  Then they give said author a glass of
wine.  (Gosh.)  Then they ask him to sign all the unsold copies of the book
that they have left in stock.

Neil, bless him, gives a bit of himself to each person he signs a book for,
and starts to look like a book-wraith (well, not a ring-wraith!) towards
the end of every tour.  Sort of faded and slightly see-through.

I know that since the advent of the word processor, if an author gets a
seriously cramped signing-hand it doesn't actually lessen the chance that
s/he will be physically capable of writing a new book, and I know that the
authors love to meet the people who read their books, but it would be
really good if they got occasional days off during the signing tours!

Sometimes DWJ gets sent several hundred sheets of inside-covers before
binding, and has to sign them all for limited edition things, but at least
if that happens she can spread it out over a couple of days, and eat in

I am seriously contemplating founding a Society for the Protection of
Authors' Hands.


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