[DWJ] New edition of Neverwhere

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Nov 14 19:15:18 EST 2005

A while back I wrote

>Juliette wrote:
>>> Amazon.com.uk says the publisher is "Review". It was published in September.
>and jack at greenmanreview.com asked:
>>What makes you think this is the Gaiman's preffered edition?
>to which Juliette's original post about it offers a possible answer:
>>>>It calls itself "the author's preferred version" and has a preface by
>>>>Neil Gaiman saying that this version includes all of the good stuff that
>>>>the filmmakers left out of the film and that he had to leave out of the
>>>>previous book.<<<

Further to which, Neil has authorised me to quote him on the subject:

"Yes it is".

I have this in writing, in green ink, signed by him.

The actual wording on the book, cover and title-page both, is "the author's
preferred text", not "version' or "edition", by the way.

In spite of his having written "he thanks you for uour offer of a comb but
does not believe it would do any good" in the blurb about the auther inside
the front cover, he was recently given a comb inside a small picture-frame
bearing the rubric "In Case of Emergency Break Glass".

I have a feeling he'd be delighted to know that whilst looking up "rubric"
to try to make sure that he really meant it, I tripped over the word
"rund", defined as "Same as *roon*" by the estimable folk at Chambers.  I
bet *nobody* here knows what that/those mean[s] without looking in Chambers
for themselves!  Does anyone feel like playing "My Word" with it and
providing plausible possibilities?


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