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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 13 22:34:53 EST 2005

I too have just seen the movie, in my part of
Australia it has only just opened, not sure how long
it will be running for, but if it has finished in your
part of the world the Showcase cinema in Newcastle has
it on twice a day. I realy liked it - it was good not
to expect it to be too like to the book. I am in two
minds as to whether knowing the book is a help or
hinderance in enjoying the movie. A help I think, as
you can pick up on some minor points in the movie.


--- Emma Comerford <emmaco at tpg.com.au> wrote:

> After leaving the country on the very day Howl was
> finally released in 
> Australia, I returned to find most cinemas had
> finished their run of it! 
> But fortunately I found a cinema showing it last
> week (adults at children's 
> prices too, so it was a bargain).
> I really enjoyed it, much more than I expected to. I
> think being warned to 
> treat it as a separate entity from the book helped,
> as I wasn't thrown by 
> the differences and appreciated the similarities
> more. It's such a pretty 
> movie! I especially thought Howl was lovely.
> Calcifer was one of the 
> characters I enjoyed least - he just looked too
> orange and see-through, and 
> sounded too brash.
> Like Jennifer (I think) pointed out in an earlier
> post, I didn't really 
> understand what Madame Suliman was doing, and admit
> I couldn't really 
> figure out the war. But that just means I'll have to
>  watch it again when 
> it comes out on DVD!
> Emma
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