[DWJ] howl (film)

Emma Comerford emmaco at tpg.com.au
Sat Nov 12 17:37:33 EST 2005

After leaving the country on the very day Howl was finally released in 
Australia, I returned to find most cinemas had finished their run of it! 
But fortunately I found a cinema showing it last week (adults at children's 
prices too, so it was a bargain).

I really enjoyed it, much more than I expected to. I think being warned to 
treat it as a separate entity from the book helped, as I wasn't thrown by 
the differences and appreciated the similarities more. It's such a pretty 
movie! I especially thought Howl was lovely. Calcifer was one of the 
characters I enjoyed least - he just looked too orange and see-through, and 
sounded too brash.

Like Jennifer (I think) pointed out in an earlier post, I didn't really 
understand what Madame Suliman was doing, and admit I couldn't really 
figure out the war. But that just means I'll have to  watch it again when 
it comes out on DVD!


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