[DWJ] Phoenix award and ChLA conference

jackie e stallcup jstallcup at juno.com
Tue Nov 8 15:15:38 EST 2005

Hi everyone--

Unfortunately DWJ won't be at this year's conference either, as you
probably suspected already, due to health issues.  (California is a long
way from England!)

But I do hope to see some (many?!) of you there--I'm co-chairing the
conference and if anyone has any questions about it, please feel free to
email me!

Oh, and by the way, just after the newsletter went out, Francesca Lia
Block backed out, so that part of the newsletter is, I'm sorry to say, no
longer accurate.  If anyone has suggestions for a keynote speaker
(children's or YA lit author), I will be VERY grateful for
suggestions!!!!  And, yes, I already tried Phillip Pullman.  He's hard at
work on his next book and unavailable.

At this point, if we can't have DWJ or Phillip Pullman, we would really
prefer to have someone who hails from the Los Angeles area.




On Tue, 8 Nov 2005 14:34:11 -0500 (EST) deborah.dwj at suberic.net writes:
> On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Charles Butler wrote:
> |I see from my ChLA newsletter that DWJ has won this year's Phoenix 
> Award (given
> |for books published 20 years ago that didn't receive any awards at 
> the time)
> |with *Howl*. Margaret Mahy is runner up for *The Tricksters*, 
> another
> |favourite. Last year the positions were reversed, with Mahy's 
> *Catalogue of the
> |Universe* pipping *Fire and Hemlock.*
> Whoo!
> |Personally, I think I'd have given it the other way round on both 
> occasions,
> |but who's complaining? Two of my favourite writers!
> Yeah, I think Tricksters is brilliant; better than Catalogue of
> the Universe.
> First conference I ever went to I wanted to see DWJ but she
> skipped because of her back.  I was first in the Mahy autograph
> line and we had a long chitchat about how bummed we were that DWJ
> wasn't there. 
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