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Tue Nov 8 14:34:11 EST 2005

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Charles Butler wrote:
|I see from my ChLA newsletter that DWJ has won this year's Phoenix Award (given
|for books published 20 years ago that didn't receive any awards at the time)
|with *Howl*. Margaret Mahy is runner up for *The Tricksters*, another
|favourite. Last year the positions were reversed, with Mahy's *Catalogue of the
|Universe* pipping *Fire and Hemlock.*


|Personally, I think I'd have given it the other way round on both occasions,
|but who's complaining? Two of my favourite writers!

Yeah, I think Tricksters is brilliant; better than Catalogue of
the Universe.

First conference I ever went to I wanted to see DWJ but she
skipped because of her back.  I was first in the Mahy autograph
line and we had a long chitchat about how bummed we were that DWJ
wasn't there. 

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