Servants in CF

Juliette Curtis juliette at
Tue May 31 23:36:26 EDT 2005

The servants in Stallery Mansion wear striped brown and gold uniforms, 
like the stripes on a bee. Stallery Mansion could be seen as a hive, 
with huge numbers of workers who labour to support a small number of 
non-workers. Most of the family are drones whose only purpose (if you 
will excuse my crudity) is reproduction ie maintaining the family line, 
and this includes both male and female characters. But who is the queen? 
The butler? He cares only about maintaining the hive in its proper 
condition. The queen bee's only purpose is populating the hive, and the 
butler hires new staff and brings in the swarm of actors.....

AFAIK, bees don't invade each other's hives so the incoming actors are 
not bees, unless you think of them as a reverse swarm: coming in to a 
hive instead of leaving it. Gabrielle de Witt et al could be wasps, 
invading a hive and destroying the bees -- especially the queen 
bee/butler -- for their own purposes.

I'm probably stretching this metaphor too far when I try to fit C and C 
into it. Some types of bees have queens that will enter another hive, 
kill the current queen and take over. C and C are instrumental in 
destroying the old queen but neither of them takes over. Instead, the 
hive/mansion is destroyed. Or could C and C be seen as wasps?


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