Conrad's Fate

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Sun May 29 17:13:25 EDT 2005

--- minnow at wrote:
> I am assured that DWJ was not thinking of *Conrad's
> Castle* when she named
> this book [the snarling noises are a bit of a dead
> giveaway] but as a quick
> aside, she loved the "Conrad's End" moment, and
> wants to know what /that/
> book would be like...

I don't know, I never got to read it as the bookshop
got me "Conrad's Fate" instead. I think the title
implies something rather dire for Conrad, perhaps
because he failed to get rid of his bad karma, which
may have been real in some totally unexpected way.
However knowing DWJ's misdirection, perhaps what
actually happens is that Conrad is no longer Conrad at
the end of the book, but rather emerges butterfly like
as something more. If this were the case then I feel
the Christopher's role would have to have been less.
Unless the title actually refered to Conrad's nether
regions, but I don't think I want to go there, this
isn't the Andy Griffith list.


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