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minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun May 29 14:50:44 EDT 2005

Charlie wrote:

>> [Charlie, why do you suppose that either your machine or mine has decided
>> this post is spam? I think it must be yours, since mine has never before
>> suddenly added that word to a subject-line for no apparent reason. Did
>> everyone else get what now presumably appears above, "Re: *** SPAM *** Re:
>> Re:" tacked onto the front?]

>My fault! My ISP's overenthusiastic filters put that label on more or
less at random, as far as I can see. Sorry - I'll try to be a bit more
diligent in stripping them out.

Well, if it's the ISP doing it I don't see that it's *your* fault
exactly.  I just wondered what was going on, and hoped it was nothing
to do with my own computer.

>> Some horrendously high proportion of the population of England lives within
>> a fifty mile radius of Marble Arch. Given true PR, a majority of MPs would
>> be representing Southerners. I therefore can't be entirely sure that
>> seeing the country as having more stuff going on in the south is a skewed
>> view: it might be that it is simply accurate. Deplorable, maybe, but
>> accurate.

>Granted, but isn't this a case of a chicken and egg marching round in a
vicious circle while making self-fulfilling prophecies? Those extra
people weren't attracted to the London area because they thrilled to
prospect of paying exorbitant property prices. They came because of the
very skewing of power, prestige and money that I mentioned - and which,
admittedly, their presence perpetuates and amplifies. The process has
been trundling along since the 14th century or so, but seems to have
speeded up noticeably in my lifetime.

All I was saying was that it seems to be a fact, whatever caused it and
whatever we may think of it, rather than being a skewed perception.

>>I think, though I could be wrong, that the complaint is that the stereotype
>presented is not particularly favourable, and therefore doesn't correct
>other unfavourable stereotypes.

>That could be - I just don't see Eccleston as a northern stereotype,
particularly ('By 'eck, Rose, those Daleks are rum'uns, but we fettled
'em. Now pass us me ferret and put t'kettle on.')

Isn't that "and where's me tea, woman"?  :-)

>Unless having a northern accent is enough in itself? But that would be
just silly.

How dare you suggest that a Northern accent is silly!?

>As for the girning, it may be a northern word, but it's not a
stereotypically northern activity, afaik.

The only person I know who earns money girning is of impeccable Somerset
ancestry for manymany generations.  Nothing much else to do in Chard,
apparently, it's girning or work in the meat-canning factory.


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