OT: Dr Who

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Sun May 29 13:42:26 EDT 2005

> I wonder what happens in Canada.  90% of the population is within
> 100 miles of the USA border, but I bet they still get the whole map with
> their weather ....

Indeed we do. Because often that's where the weather comes from. On the 
big contextual map in Calgary, we get some of the USA., too (in case 
there's weather coming up from the south) and lots of BC. Basically, 
they show the air flow over the entire region, because when it shifts, 
we get dramatic temperature shifts. Weather is a really big part of the 
news here, it seems to me; and this is the first city I have lived in 
where they talk about "precipitation" - never willing to commit to snow, 
rain or whatever. Sometimes whatever is giant hailstones or freezing 
drops of water, so maybe that's sensible.


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