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On Fri, 27 May 2005 liril at gmx.net wrote:
|Ok. This discussing brings me  to the realization that I have to adress a
|gap in my knwoledge. I've never seen an episode of Dr. Who. I've decided to
|change that, but which should I chose?
|My DVD shop has:

Have your DVD shop order "The Key to Time".  It is several episodes put
together.  It introduces a companion (Romana), and includes the
hysterical story "the pirate planet" written by Douglas Adams.  It's a
good introduction on the whole, and is available as a boxed set so they
might be willing to order for you.  (That is, if your DVD shop does
rentals.  The entire boxed set is rather expensive for someone who isn't
sure yet if doctor who is good.)

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