Conrad's Fate

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Sat May 28 19:34:13 EDT 2005

Verity kindly exchanged translucancies:

>> The exchange as quoted went:
>> Aimee:
>> >> to the other characters, the fact of his centrality to the plot and the
>> >> fact that he isn't an objective viewer at all seems to not occur to us
>> >> as much.
>> Verity:
>> >I strongly disagree.
>> and I really cannot make head nor tail of this.  Are you saying that you
>> feel strongly that it does occur to us? (to which of us?)
><grin> nah. Aimee spoke for "us"; I spoke for me, saying that his centrality
>to the plot, as well as his non-objectivity had occurred to me (heavily clued
>by the title, as I was).

I am assured that DWJ was not thinking of *Conrad's Castle* when she named
this book [the snarling noises are a bit of a dead giveaway] but as a quick
aside, she loved the "Conrad's End" moment, and wants to know what /that/
book would be like...

>I don't think he melts into the background as slave of his destiny or as
>servant, although Xtopher does obviously take over central stage (but as
>Conrad notices and gets to bitch about this, it doesn't elide his character

I had been thinking of him as a Doctor Watson, and in particular Watson in
the story in which Holmes sends him off to be the detective, then turns up
in disguise and trashes his every deduction.  I can't remember its name.
Involves the direction a bicycle was travelling being deduced from the
pointy end of its wheel-tracks in the mud, I vaguely recall.

Actually DWJ does seem to have been playing with the unreliable narrator
for a while, most noticeably when she has two or more first-person people
disagreeing in their perceptions of events at which they were present.

>> (I haven't corrected the apostrophes/quotes, because if I have to cope with
>> them coming out as something Other I don't see why everyone else shouldn't
>> suffer too.
>They were transposed to something other in this Linux box as well, although
>resent via your Mac, they became something else again!

And when they arrived back here in my own post they had changed from being
"i"s to being tall rectangles.  *sigh* oh well.  I was hoping for §trange

>VC, rarely opaque

Now there's a nicely ambiguous description.  :-)  O rare opacity!


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