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> ... but it only works as a line for yer English-speaking flatlanders.]
But that's just the kind of person to whom it was addressed. Except for the Flatlander bit, but then the Doctor was crediting Rose with a sense of humour. In fact, he was taking culture and context into account, not ignoring it - as Time Lords must a lot if they are to be understood.
> > I thought it was a pretty good line, and a neat corrective to the assumptions,
> > all too prevalent though not always spoken, that a southern (more specifically> a London) perspective is normative in British culture.
> It's been a long time since RP=BBC. Estuary English, Cockney and other London
> dialects aren't so prevalant (pace, _EastEnders_ addicts).

I said 'perspective,' not 'accent'. A country where the government, all the national media (print and broadcast), and a large majority of national cultural organizations, museums, businesses and financial institutions are based in one city is almost bound to seen and represented by that glut of bodies in a rather skewed way, and Britain certainly is.
> What quintessentially Northern characteristics does this Doctor have? The
> voice, and the gurning (a Northern word). He's not a corrective so much as
> a new vehicle for stereotype.
You seem to be complaining both that the Doctor lacks quintessential northern characteristics (whatever they are), and that he's a northern stereotype. I don't get it.


Whatever you Wanadoo:

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