Conrad's Fate

Verity Cinnabar cen at
Sat May 28 12:52:58 EDT 2005

> The exchange as quoted went:
> Aimee:
> >> to the other characters, the fact of his centrality to the plot and the
> >> fact that he isn't an objective viewer at all seems to not occur to us
> >> as much.

> Verity:
> >I strongly disagree.
> and I really cannot make head nor tail of this.  Are you saying that you
> feel strongly that it does occur to us? (to which of us?) 

<grin> nah. Aimee spoke for "us"; I spoke for me, saying that his centrality
to the plot, as well as his non-objectivity had occurred to me (heavily clued
by the title, as I was).

I don't think he melts into the background as slave of his destiny or as 
servant, although Xtopher does obviously take over central stage (but as
Conrad notices and gets to bitch about this, it doesn't elide his character

> (I haven't corrected the apostrophes/quotes, because if I have to cope with
> them coming out as something Other I don't see why everyone else shouldn't
> suffer too.  

They were transposed to something other in this Linux box as well, although
resent via your Mac, they became something else again!

VC, rarely opaque

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