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Fri May 27 14:20:00 EDT 2005

> There is a very cheesy line in one of the new episodes about many planets
> "having a North" which irritated the heck out of me for its casual ignorance
> of context and culture (but is probably a nod to _Our Friends in the North_).
Can you expand on that? I thought it was a pretty good line, and a neat corrective to the assumptions, all too prevalent though not always spoken, that a southern (more specifically a London) perspective is normative in British culture.
I don't know if you've heard of the row just in the last ten days or so about the new BBC weather map, which is tilted (using 3-D graphics) so as to make anything north of Nottingham more or less invisible, but that's the cultural context that line was addressing, or so it seemed to me.


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