OT: Dr Who

Verity Cinnabar cen at shareable.org
Fri May 27 13:16:23 EDT 2005

> The future Doctor is Scottish too, which surprised me. Has there been a 
> non-English Doctor before? What else has this guy been in?

There is a very cheesy line in one of the new episodes about many planets
"having a North" which irritated the heck out of me for its casual ignorance
of context and culture (but is probably a nod to _Our Friends in the North_).

More annoyances - not the gurning (pace, Armando Ianucci), but the smugness
of this self-appointed Doctor. In the "Michael Jackson" episode, all he did
was to extrapolate the technique of hiding a tech object in a round object
to a different instance... and I think he is responsible for the parlous
state of the Human Empire because he changed the timeline himself in dumping
Mickey and his tech back in Rose's departure frame. He's also no longer a
pacifist, though I suppose we can blame that and the breaking of the limit
on regeneration on Gallifrey's disastrous war.

There is some continuity between episodes, although I didn't see the Doctor
and Rose retrieve her hacked cellphone from Mr Hapless... yet there she is
in her dad's car using the same model. That episode with the Reapers makes
no sense (OK, so old structures being resistant to entities mopping up
time paradoxes is cute, but how can Rose's family and the population of
Earth snap back into being given how late the mistake is allegedly corrected?
How do you get to be uneaten after all, especially since that pocket is shut
off from the timeline, so the self-sacrifice should have no wider implications?)


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