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I wrote:

>> My problem with this book is very simple: I keep calling it *Conrad's
>> Castle* (does anyone else remember that excellent picture-book for
>> younger
>> children? and if they do can they tell me who wrote/drew it and
>> whether it
>> was as I suppose the same person who did *Where the Wild Things Are*,
>> Maurice wossit, and what *his* name was if he isn't the same person?)
>> and
>> sooner or later I am going to get turned into something unnatural with
>> too
>> many legs for doing this.
>Ben Shechter wrote "Conrad's Castle" according to  It's
>in print.
>Maurice Sendak did "Where the Wild Things Are".

My thanks to all who gave me this information.  Now I need to find a copy
of *Conrad's Castle* so that DWJ doesn't arise up in her monolithic might
and slay me for miscalling her latest work: if I can prove that my constant
slips in the matter are based on a real text, she may allow me to live.  At
the moment she doesn't really believe it exists.

I'd like to have it anyway, because as I remember it Conrad was a fine and
determined stubborn cuss impossible to deflect from his purpose however
impossible, and not enough books for small children have the message that
aspiring outside the reasonable  is reasonable.


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